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NTM 182: Flip Your Finances – stories from anxiety to empowerment

Episode 182
18, Dec, 2018
}52 Minutes

Show Notes

Do you feel creeping anxiety at the amount of money shelled out this time of year? Do you condemn and ridicule the culture of consumerism? In this episode we revisit our financial stories from two years ago, the growth and changes that have occurred for us personally in that time, and how we can move from spirals of anxiety and shame, and lack mindsets, into a sense of freedom and empowerment around money that fuels the journey of our most authentic selves. Until the 20th Jan we’re opening up ‘Flip Your Finances’ at a sale price, with an added bonus of a one-week member’s only (shame free!) deep-dive with us to bust open your story and set your financial New Year’s resolutions beyond simply ‘make more’.

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