Show Notes

This episode deep-dives into women, their stories through motherhood and their bodies afterwards.  We discuss pain, dysfunction, emotional and physical rebuilding and what insights such an experienced and sort-after professional has from working with women for over 20 years.  We really hope you enjoy it as much as we did xx

Natalie’s Bio:

Dr. Natalie Lejeune is a French Osteopath who has been specialising in Women’s Health for over 20 years. She completed a Master’s thesis on the impact of Caesareans on the pelvis and has executed extensive research on the consequences of hysterectomies and pelvic disorders, lumbago, sciatica and femoral nerve inflammation.

She has done advanced anatomical studies in human dissection  at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris and completed post-graduate work for 15 years with Jean Pierre Barral, an internationally recognized French osteopath and a researcher in osteopathy for over 40 years. Osteopathy has given Natalie Lejeune unique insights into the treatment not only of physical illnesses, but also imbalances of the mind and the subconscious, leading to health issues. Natalie currently lives and treats patients in Bali ( who often come from all around the world to see her)