Show Notes

When we become parents, we learn to raise not only our children, but parts of ourselves…which can get tricky! We can end up playing the ‘who’s doing it tougher’ game, projecting anger and resentment towards our partner and generally missing each other on this parenting journey. So what does it look like to open a door with your partner and see where you go? How do you love yourself and them through your wounds and limitations into a deepened and more connected partnership? In this episode we talk with parenting expert Lael Stone on all things wounding and parenting partnerships, including:

  • boundaries and self care
  • tools to build a deeply respectful parenting journey
  • what it looks like to own your story
  • how to navigate disconnection
  • learning to trust your journey
  • opening compassion and companionship
  • the wisdom of trauma in revealing the depth of yourself
  • the quality questions to ask yourself when you’re stuck in a trigger and overwhelmed
  • how to work with a willing or unwilling partner
  • why the work starts with just one person

You can connect with Lael here:

Nourishing the Mother
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