Show Notes

In this week’s episode we interview Social Worker Caroline Ellen of Safer, Stronger Kids. We talk about the importance and impact of body safety, what we can do to teach our kids body autonomy and what can happen when we don’t. It’s a rich, deep and essential conversation that explores the many aspects of teaching children that they are the boss of their body and how we can help or hinder that development.

We cover topics such as:
– what is body autonomy?
– what happens when we do or don’t teach it
– the pivotal factors in teaching our children body safety
– setting boundaries with love
– pornography and grooming
– repairing when we inevitably misstep

Caroline Ellen is a social worker and parenting coach who believes all children deserve a childhood free to play and discover. Caroline is the founder of Safer Stronger Kids and on a mission to improve children’s physical and emotional safety through stronger parent-child relationships. Caroline’s style is raw, real and relatable. As a mum of two girls (4 and 2), she’s in the trenches alongside you. She combines personal and professional experience to help connect parents back to themselves and their children.

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