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NTM 268: Preparing for a positive postpartum during COVID with Katie Parker

Episode 268
11, Aug, 2020
}78 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode we interview postpartum educator, doula and facilitator Katie Parker, who is a social worker, self-proclaimed matrescence nerd, parent educator and mum of two. We talk to Katie on all things postpartum and beyond, specifically during this pandemic lockdown. We discuss:

– When you’re feeling out of control, how to realise where you do have control
– Considering how to offer sensory enrichment for your baby during lockdown
– Finding your way in new motherhood and dealing with the anxiety-inducing ‘shoulds’
– Understanding the isolated culture of motherhood in Western societies
– Exploring the COVID restrictions in new light…where is it also creating opportunity?
– Ways to insert pockets of deliciousness throughout your day

The most important question to ask during postpartum is “What do I need? and “How can I create this in my world?” We hope this podcast helps you answer these questions for yourself.

About Katie
Katie Parker is a social worker, postpartum doula, matrescence nerd, parent educator, women’s circle facilitator and mum of two. She supports women during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond to honour themselves in motherhood, challenging the dominant paradigm that a mother’s role is to sacrifice herself for her children.

Katie’s vision is that all mums-to-be transition to motherhood feeling confident and relaxed with all the support they need to have a peaceful and nourishing postpartum period. She strongly believes it is time for a paradigm shift in the way new mothers are cared for. She believes education about the importance of rest and support in the postpartum period is the first step in creating this social change. Her work with couples starts during pregnancy, helping them to plan for the support they will need post birth. She also believes a change is needed in the way mothers value and prioritise themselves, supporting mothers to see how important their mothering work is and how worthy they are of deep self-nourishment and care.

Katie also supports parents to navigate the toddler and pre-schooler years using an Aware Parenting approach that focuses on connection, holding space for big feelings and setting boundaries with love. She is passionate about reparenting and loves working with mothers who are willing to ‘do the work’ and heal their childhood stories.

Where you can connect with Katie:




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