The Healthy Exception

THE 31: Keeping Rituals Real

Episode 31
05, May, 2017
}47 Minutes

Show Notes

I am a sucker for some ace affirmations. I love dreaming big and jotting these ambitions down in my manifestation journal. I try to live mindfully for my own stress-levels and sanity and whilst I certainly can’t claim to religiously sit down and meditate everyday, I love getting into that flow state when I’m jogging, washing up or singing. There are so many health and wellness rituals that are surrounded by stereotypes and stigma galore. Truth is though, we don’t have to start wearing hippie threads to recite affirmations or join a cult to partake in some playful manifestation. Meditation needn’t become your religion and if you needn’t spend all your hard earned dollars on mindfulness retreats or courses (unless you seriously want to). It’s about keeping it real and making it your own. Listen in to how I stay genuine whilst engaging in rituals that have become a bit cliched – even if that means adding a cheeky swear-word or two to my affirmations or combining manifestation with meditation (two birds, one stone). At the end, I touch briefly on my five other favo tools that just keep me feeling safe, grounded and trusting; essential oils, crystals, kindness, biophilia and oracle cards (again I know that sometimes these things sound a bit woo-woo but they are honestly loads of fun and make any day brighter). Stick with me and allow yourself to be open-minded.

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