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THE 26: Q&A Requests With Mamma T

Episode 26
24, Feb, 2017
}57 Minutes

Show Notes

I recently asked one of the ladies that I did yoga teacher training with (she’s also a primary school teacher) to ask her grade 6 and 7 students what they wanted to know about health. I really want to stay relevant to what you guys want and I figured, what better way than to ask directly. So when she got back to me with their responses, Mamma Bear and I decided to have a go at answering them.

Covered today …

How much food can you eat in a general day?

How much fruit and veg should I eat?

Do 12 year olds need to worry about their weight?

Is cold water healthy?

Can you drink too much water?

Can “detoxing” give you cancer?

Will getting healthy NOW actually prevent chronic disease in the future?

This is such simple stuff, the basic 101’s of healthy living, and I think sometimes I forget, as someone that has been researching health and nutrition from a young age, that these questions are still commonplace for most people, regardless of age.

The answers are by no means conclusive, I’m only 2/3 of the way through my nutritional and dietetic medicine degree and mum is a teacher and inclusive educational tutor – we don’t claim to know it all. What we give (as we always try to) are some basic rules of thumb, the basis for a healthy food philosophy and a voice of reason against some of the extreme views in today’s world of health and “wellness”.

We hope you enjoy getting back to basics today and that you find yourselves looking at things differently, or at the very least, nodding along – content in the fact that you are already on the right track.

Big test Hugs lovely listeners, as always, thanks for trusting me with your time and ears and for tuning in xxx

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