TNN 87: Mel Talks Detox

‘Tis the season for detoxing! I shared this talk at The Wellness Basecamp a few months ago and thought it was high time to share it on this podcast with you all. This is Not Just Another Detox, and you will soon find out why. Mel shares her take on detoxing and the impact of… Continue reading TNN 87: Mel Talks Detox

TNN 59: Not Just Another Detox

Join us for the Not Just Another Detox program! Completely online and supported, with meal planner, lifestyle changes and more for just $39. Start today! If you were at The Wellness Summit you would have heard an introduction to this detox talk, but if not, here is the talk in full. Learn about the toxins… Continue reading TNN 59: Not Just Another Detox

TNN 34: A Healthy Cocktail?

This episode is proudly brought to you by our wellness lovechild, The Ultimate Cleanse Package. Head to and chose the Ultimate Cleanse Package from the home page. The queen of healthy juices, mylks and cleansing is here! Introducing Milly from The Healthy Cocktail, amazing Newcastle-based cold-pressed juice and cleanse business. I was so excited to chat to Milly… Continue reading TNN 34: A Healthy Cocktail?