TWIW 144: Glucose or Fructose?

This Week In Wellness a systematic review examining the replacement of glucose and sucrose with fructose in foods and drinks has failed to show the harmful effects of Fructose previously suggested and may even suggest some benefit to fructose consumption.

TWIW 124: Could it be carb intake rather than overeating that causes obesity?

This Week In Wellness Dr. David Ludwig, Endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Professor at Harvard Medical School has published a paper with the bold claim that over consuming processed carbs rather than overeating is the primary cause of the worldwide obesity crisis.

HSW 85: Shift Work and Insulin Resistance

In this episode, we’re talking about insulin resistance, a condition that has been shown in the research that shift workers are at risk of developing, due to a multitude of factors. Whilst most of us are aware that the type of food that we eat plays a key role in the regulation of our blood… Continue reading HSW 85: Shift Work and Insulin Resistance

HSW 38: Sugar Cravings and Sleep Deprivation

One of the most common struggles I hear from my shift working clients is this ongoing, relentless craving for sugar! But why is that? Why are shift workers notorious for craving (and eating) all of the sweet stuff – the highly refined carbohydrates that are neither good for our insides or our waistline?! Well it… Continue reading HSW 38: Sugar Cravings and Sleep Deprivation