TWIW 79: Bouncing back from Rock Bottom

This Week In Wellness I have officially launched pre-sales of my new book Rock Bottom. Whether you feel like you are at Rock Bottom, on your way there or on your way back this book has some timeless, practical advice to help you smooth out the journey. Bouncing back from Rock Bottom need not always… Continue reading TWIW 79: Bouncing back from Rock Bottom

TWG 381: Navigating Kids Birthday Parties

The Wellness Kids are growing up! Jacko is 18 years old and 6 foot 3 and this week Brett’s little ones celebrate their 8th and 10th birthdays respectively. The boys thought it might be a good idea to talk about how they navigate both their own kids birthday parties, and also other kids birthdays The… Continue reading TWG 381: Navigating Kids Birthday Parties

TPS 276: Paleo Parenting

What does parenting look like in a Paleo family? What about a 2 home family where both households are not Paleo? This week Brett and George talk about how they negotiate raising a family Paleo and why they don’t make their kids eat Paleo. It is a great discussion that really gets into their mindset… Continue reading TPS 276: Paleo Parenting

TPS 267: Happy Families

This week Brett and George welcome Justin Coulson from Happy Families to the show to talk about relationships and parenting. After a successful radio career Justin decided it was time to head back to school to learn about relationships and parenting when he was confronted by his behaviour towards his own child. He now teaches… Continue reading TPS 267: Happy Families

TWG 345: School Holidays!

School holidays have just finished in South Australia and Victoria and with Damo and Brett’s kids at different ages they proposed different challenges (and opportunities) for each. This week the boys discuss how they navigate these busy times with their families and find some harmony between work, family, their partners etc. So tune in for… Continue reading TWG 345: School Holidays!

TPS 155: Nourish Without Nagging

This week we share with you something you have all been waiting for and asking for! That’s right Steve and Sarah are back, oh yeah and Brett has written a book or something… Steve and Sarah delve quiz Brett on his new book Nourish Without Nagging; How to get your kids to LOVE eating healthily.… Continue reading TPS 155: Nourish Without Nagging