TWIW 118: Bayer to phase out Glyphosate in the US

This Week In Wellness Bayer Monsanto have announced that they will no longer sell glyphosate-based herbicides to residential U.S. gardeners as of 2023, following costly lawsuits over the cancer causing weedkiller, under the label Roundup.

TWIW 47: Europe bans bee killing pesticide

This Week In Wellness the European Commission has decided not to renew approval for a pesticide linked to harming bees, meaning farmers will not be allowed to use Bayer’s insecticide known as thiacloprid, sold under brands Calypso and Biscaya, after April 30 this year. “There are environmental concerns related to the use of this pesticide,… Continue reading TWIW 47: Europe bans bee killing pesticide

TWIW 3: Monsanto sued for $80 Million

This Week In Wellness a federal jury in San Francisco has found that Glyphosate, and in particular Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, was a substantial factor in causing Edwin Hardeman’s Non-Hodkins Lymphoma ( a cancer that affects the immune system). Jurors in the case awarded Mt Hardeman 80 Million dollars in damages amid accusations that they hid the carcinogenic… Continue reading TWIW 3: Monsanto sued for $80 Million