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‘When you think not just about in business and careers and aspirations but just life in general, I think it’s the connection with people that makes it worthwhile. So, for me, I love to learn about people, I love podcasts like you’re doing with this, I love talking. One of my favourite things is just deep and meaningful conversations late at night with people. I love to find out what makes people tick, what they think about, what they enjoy, even differing opinions I love to understand why people think the way they do. And I also love when people are passionate about an idea or they have a business, they have a product, a creation, a service, when people get really passionate about the thing that they can offer to others, I absolutely love to get on board and help them elevate that through the right communication and marketing and getting those new ideas those things into the hands of people who could really benefit from it.’ ~ Lizzie Henebrey

Lizzie Henebrey is a qualified, experienced and awarded marketing and communications professional who has a way with words and a penchant for planning. She works in both traditional and digital media, and is particularly skilled in brand and communication strategy, content writing, public relations and social media.
In this podcast we discuss things all things love, life, loss and leadership. Lizzie shares how she rose from her kitchen floor moment, her rock bottom moment through loss and heartache, and then tells us the most important aspects of self-love and self-care to get yourself through those moments. She has recently expanded her business and partnered with her former Uni tutor to help more people share their products and services. Lizzie is one person who truly loves to bring out the best in others so they get to shine their absolute brightest light.
Through living, studying, and working on the Sunshine Coast for most of her life, Lizzie is passionate about supporting this region and is helping generate opportunities for local businesses through her executive committee roles on the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network and the Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance.

She has partnered with business in various industries across the country and has a positive track record of creating strategies that deliver on objectives. Lizzie also works with a number of charities supporting fundraising events and activations that deliver much needed services to those in need.

• Sparkly shoes
• Espresso martinis
• Vietnamese banquets
• Married her high school sweetheart
• Can peel a prawn in 5 seconds
• Rode a donkey in Santorini

Her definition of Self Love is:
Checking in with myself and then giving myself what I need before looking at how I can help others. Then I can actually serve others.

Her favourite quote is from:
Courage before confidence instead of fake it til you make it.

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PODCAST: SCBWN – I Don’t Know How She Does It

Life doesn’t always go the way you think.
When you leave University, your job is not just sitting there waiting for you, you have to make it happen.
It is the connection with people that makes it all worthwhile.
It is in communication that we can form greater connection with others.
Relationships with people is the essence of life.
The online platform has certainly changed a lot.
It is about learning to adapt and evolve.
There are no repercussions online for the awful things said.
It is a changing beast so remember who you associate with.
The more you comment the more you get that on your feed.
You hit walls unless you are willing to change and adapt.
I thought I could have it all but it was at the expense of my health.
I need to take care of myself first, then I can help others and enjoy time with others.
You do not have to be all things to all people.
Take care of yourself first.
I have had rock bottom moments I call my kitchen floor moments.
I lost my baby boy at 7months pregnant, and my whole word shifted.
I didn’t mean to, but I absolutely blamed myself.
I was aching and I was physically aching and it feels like everything is wrong.
I needed to ask for help which was a huge step and now I ask for help everywhere and it is the best thing.
People love to help.
Asking for help is such a strong position to be in.
We decided to really focus on our family and the time we have together.
We live every day feeling positive and happy and we really value experiences.
The more we share and can be open the more we can move forward.
Courage before confidence


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