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‘If something has been given to you, or it’s in your possession then the choice has been given to you. You don’t need approval but sometimes it helps. And me just sort of saying that to someone… if it’s sitting in a drawer, that was not the intended position for it. And if you will wear and enjoy it, it will bring joy and connection, this is why I love jewellery, it’s because of the meaning and the fact that when you put metal on your skin, it literally conducts energy. So, if you wrap that up with a milestone, an achievement, a memory, a connection to a person, then that’s felt on your skin.’ ~ Vanessa Nock

Specialising in custom design and manufacturing of fine Jewellery. For 28 passionate years now, Vanessa Nock has been hand-making jewellery for clients with a deeper connection. She creates quality pieces to commemorate special occasions, memories & milestones. She brings their story, energy and emotion into their very own sculpture to hold, admire & enjoy.

She supports her client to take a journey to bring a vision to life, to allow them to have what their true hearts desire.

She finds this process so magical! Starting with a conversation and a hand-drawn sketch, choosing all the details, then carefully creating the sculpture in precious metal. Presenting the finished piece is always the highlight for her.

She feels very blessed to be a part of so many life moments, which she has created treasured symbols for. To her jewellery is a moment frozen in time! She helps to cure curiosity and help make your ‘forever after’ creation!

This unique golden sculpture becomes part of her client’s legacy in her beautiful and unique way!

In this week’s podcast, we discuss my journey from taking jewellery that was sitting in a box and creating something new that I love and do not want to keep in a box anymore. Vanessa has an incredible ability to really listen to her clients, and hear them and help them to create something so extraordinary they do not want to take it off! And that my friends, was my story!

Her definition of Self Love is consciously filling your life from your heart.

Her favourite quote is from Thich Nhat Hanh:

‘Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.’

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It’s not just about listening, it is gentle care and truly hearing what her client wants.
Making jewellery a piece of your legacy really matters.
If something has been given to you, or it’s in your possession then the choice has been given to you.
It’s such an old skill and that knowledge is amazing.
750 means 18ct gold.
We want to be able to really connect to the pieces we wear.
There’s a piece of me in each piece I create.
I want my clients to leave feeling like they have been really involved in the process.
I love to create an organic flow.
Jewellery can be a fantastic way to anchor emotions, thoughts and behaviours.
It is a golden sculpture, a 3-D creation.
I love it when clients leave and hours later they still feel on a high.
Give yourself some space and time to go through all your pieces.
Every day I bring guided suggestions to shine from the inside.
I bring in my educated knowledge.


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