October 21, 2016

THE 17: What Even Is The GAPS Diet???

Last fortnight (in episode 16) I chatted with my mate Isaac about he healed his OCD and anxiety using real, whole, nourishing foods. The particular protocol that his family used is called the GAPS diet. Now we dived into explaining it very briefly, but within the context of that episode, it was more about Isaac sharing his story, rather than a play-by-play of this medicinal protocol that has helped 100’s of 1000’s of people to heal from both mental and physical disease that stems from poor gut health (forgotten about the gut and why it’s so important??? Refresh your memory with episodes 6 and 7).

In this episode I give you a run down about the diet’s history, the simple, logical science behind why certain foods are included and others excluded from the diet, what the diet might look like in a practical sense intro, full and post GAPS), who ‘needs’ GAPS and why everyone, regardless of whether they decide to learn more about GAPS or not, can benefit from including more homemade soups and other simple whole foods in their diets.

Links for further education about gut healing diets …





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