Show Notes

Carren and Kim are in the middle of writing their next books and decided to team up and share the journey of book writing. All three Up For A Chatters, Cyndi included have written books and each have tried various ways of creating them including publishing and self-publishing, solo writing and collaborating. Things discussed today include whether or not you should publish or self-publish, eBooks as opposed to hard copies, genres, ways to brain dump and story board, how important structure and flow is and the power of transcribing your thoughts and just getting started.

During the course of this exciting conversation Kim put Carren right in it demanding she sort a webinar for our listeners so they can get more information on this inspiring topic given she is such a guru. Carren is offering coaching, support and ghost-writing skills to you all. So if you have the slightest flurry and would love your dream to write a book come true then email Carren on and register your interest immediately.