Show Notes

The Blue Zones, created and identified by National Geographic in 2004, have long been a conversation on 100 Not Out that we are embarrassed to say, we have never really explained in an episode!

So, some 531 episodes in to 100 Not Out, here we are to share our insights on the Blue Zones.

The Greek island of Ikaria, the Italian island of Sardinia, the Japanese island of Okinawa, Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica and the American community of Loma Linda are the 5 Blue Zones.

What do they have in common? How were they identified? And the question we get asked the most – what do they eat?

All that and more is discussed on this episode.

If you haven’t read the book, we highly recommend you do!

And if you would like to join us in the Blue Zones for our Longevity Experiences, click here or go to to find out more info.