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What happens when a well known healthy food writer hits a brick wall with her children’s health? She goes back to square one and begins the long journey of gut healing, both for her children and herself. Join Jo Whitton of Quirky Cooking as she shares her families’ journey to good health.

Cook with Jo in her kitchen; absorb her knowledge of “food as medicine”; develop a healthy mindset towards nourishing your family with real food; and learn how Jo balances the food prep and cooking for her family with running her own business and raising four kids.

Listen in as Jo chats with friends and guests about everything from culinary medicine and nutrition to family food stories, healthy homes, regenerative farming, reducing stress, balancing work-family-life, saving time and money while eating well, and much more!

You will find links to recipes and information discussed in the show notes of each “Quirky Cooking Chats” episode, along with a link to the Quirky Cooking YouTube Channel where you can watch each episode and cook along with Jo.

This podcast began as “A Quirky Journey” in 2014, as Jo recorded her son’s story of recovery from severe OCD and anxiety. Together with her co-hosts and friends, Jo has shared inspirational stories and interviewed many nutrition and health experts over the years, helping listeners to find ways to improve their health and wellbeing for the better. 2020 has been a year of changes, and as Jo nestled in to her home during lockdown she found that her listeners wanted help with practical, everyday cooking for maintaining good health in a doable way – not just the science and nutrition information. So “A Quirky Journey” has become “Quirky Cooking Chats“, where you can listen (and watch) as Jo cooks in her kitchen, and chats about ‘real life’ nutrition and healthy living with her friends and guests. Listen in, ask questions, and be inspired to make simple changes that will maximise your health and wellbeing, without the stress and overwhelm!

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Quirky Cooking Chats
Episode 166
02, Jul, 2021
}18 Minutes

Quirky Cooking Chats
Episode 165
25, Jun, 2021
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Quirky Cooking Chats
Episode 164
18, Jun, 2021
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Quirky Cooking Chats
Episode 163
11, Jun, 2021
}17 Minutes

Quirky Cooking Chats
Episode 162
04, Jun, 2021
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Quirky Cooking Chats
Episode 161
31, May, 2021
}71 Minutes