Show Notes

Having a curious mindset is of major importance in all areas of life, and is especially crucial in the area of health and wellbeing. If you find yourself shutting down anyone who challenges your thinking around health and diet, you may be shutting down opportunities to learn and grow, and prolonging your health struggles.

In this podcast I talk about the difference between having a curious mindset and a conclusive mindset:

– Looking at the world around you with open eyes vs shutting off anything that goes against what you “know”

– Learning to look at health as principles to apply to your unique situation, rather than a set of black & white rules

– How curiosity helps us grow, and how our health can flourish when we consider the principles of a traditional, whole food diet rather than relying on ‘diet rules and regulations’ and a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

I also discuss the question, “Is this food/product/supplement good for me?” Learn to work out the answer to this question for yourself, simply by asking yourself some questions relating to a traditional, “whole food” way of thinking. (See resources below for the list of questions I mention in the video.)

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Article: “Principles of a Whole-Food Diet” and questions to ask yourself when trying to decide if something is healthy or not – see my “Beginner’s Guide” here

Article: Is Dairy Bad for You? “What Have We Done to Dairy?”

Podcast: Curiosity and Regenerative Farming – “Dave Westbrook, The Farm Business Coach Giving Life Lessons to Help Farmers Achieve Their Goals”

Help with Gut Healing: The Gut Health Formula, 8 Week Program

Watch the YouTube video of this Podcast here!