Show Notes

Every day I receive many questions via emails, messages and comments. Sometimes the questions relate to food and healthy eating, sometimes family and homeschooling, sometimes business and personal development.

Each week I’ll be choosing a few of these questions to answer in a video/podcast, and I’ll share further resources, recipes, tips and links as well to help you delve further and find the information you need.

If you have a question you’d love for me to answer, email me at with the subject line, “Ask Me a Question”.

How do I get the family on board with healthy eating?

Health changes can be difficult to implement, especially when your partner is not on the same page, your kids refuse to eat new foods, and your friends laugh at your ‘weird’ way of eating! Here’s my tips for getting the family on board with improving the diet, and showing your friends that healthy eating can be delicious and fun!



– Help for those overwhelmed with health issues and needing guidance with diet changes:

– Interview with Isaac Whitton (19 yrs old) sharing his experience of changing his diet (from 13 yrs old), and how he learnt to take responsibility for his own health:

– Family Favourites – recipes we love:

– Fussy Eaters – podcasts to help you turn things around:
* Fussy Eaters & How to Have Peaceful Mealtimes (with Beth Bonfiglio of Little Fusspot):
* Play Therapy for Fussy Eaters (with Crystal Poggioli, occupational therapist & GAPS practitioner):