Show Notes

“Activating Nuts & Seeds – Why, How and When?”

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This week I answer listener’s questions about activating nuts & seeds, such as:

– Why activate nuts & seeds, and do you always do it?

– Are some nuts harder on the digestive system than others?

– What is the difference between activating, soaking and fermenting?

– Can you use an oven for dehydrating soaked nuts & seeds?

– How do you avoid activated nuts/seeds from going mouldy?

– If I blanch and remove almond skins is that same as activating?

– What do you do with the pulp from nut milk?

– Can you activate nut meal or does it have to be whole nuts?

Learn the reasons behind soaking, fermenting and activating and what the best options are for those on a gut-healing diet!

– Soaking & Activating Nuts & Seeds – ratios & times: see page 23 in my Life-Changing Food Cookbook:
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