Show Notes

Beginning on a health journey can be overwhelming. As expenses mount up, so do stress levels! Listen in as I share some of my tips for reducing the money stress while you are working towards a healthier diet and lifestyle and trying to heal your family. I also demonstrate how I make a simple, inexpensive, nutrient dense dinner that my family loves. (Scroll down for ingredients list.)

In this episode you’ll learn about:

– why unrealistic expectations and comparing yourself to others can sabotage your efforts to heal

– ways to improve your health that don’t cost money

– reducing stress by reducing the busyness and lifestyle ‘clutter’

– the long term approach to improving your health

– the importance of nature therapy

– reducing food waste

– buying in bulk to save money on groceries

– how to store bulk ingredients

– how to reduce the meat in your meals

– how to bulk out meals to make them cheaper and more filling, without using starchy fillers

– how to ‘do what you can, where you are, with what you’ve got’!

If you haven’t already listened to my last podcast you might also find it helpful, as we discuss the importance of letting go of a ‘perfectionist’ mindset, and beginning where you are when working on health changes: “Spicy Cabbage Rolls + Done Is Better Than Perfect!”

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Ingredients for “Toad in the Hole”:

– 8 beef or pork sausages (preservative free)
– 200g soft ghee or tallow (melt if hard)
– 140g almond meal or pepita meal
– 100g water
– 5 eggs
– 1/4 tsp salt

Useful Links:

The Gut Health Formula – 8 week group coaching program: This program is run by myself  and Elyse Comerford (nutritionist and gut health specialist) and is especially helpful for beginners to gut health. It is a gentle, sustainable approach to health which includes reducing food and lifestyle stress, working out health priorities, learning to organise and plan ahead so that healthy choices are easier to make, and slowly adjusting the diet to include more nutritious, healing foods. You will work towards a diet similar to the Full GAPS diet, using these healing food principles in a flexible way that suits YOU. Our coaching program is like a health retreat you can do at home… Slow down, let go of the stress, be gentle with yourself, nourish yourself with delicious, healing foods, and learn to build the foundations of good health one step at a time. The next round begins 15th October, 2020, and runs for 8 weeks, then is accessible for 12 months.