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BMR 9: Your Best Skin – with Nadine Artemis

Episode 9
28, Aug, 2017
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Show Notes

Do you want flawless skin? Did you know that your skin literally feeds on what its exposed to and that most popular skincare regimes are really damaging to your skin and system despite what we are told?

In this episode I talk with beauty philosopher, aromacologist, author, speaker, TV personality and creator of Living Libations – Nadine Artemis about what our skin is, what is represents and how our current beliefs can be not only ineffective but dangerous. Then we discuss what you need to do and need to stop doing instantly to create flawless skin. This goes beyond cosmetics and into every aspect of wellness in order to create great skin. Diving into your microbiome, food, stress and of course what regimes and products you should be applying.

Show breakdown:

  • Nadine’s journey.
  • How smell effects your state instantly.
  • History of cosmetics and toiletries.
  • Where are we at currently with our skincare regimes?
  • The terrifying effects of these chemicals on our system and skin!
  • The skins microbiome and what we can do to optimise this!
  • Feeding your skin what it needs to thrive.
  • Activating our microbiome by prebiotics in milk.
  • How we eradicate our bugs!
  • Stop, Seal and Seed protocol.
  • Quorum sensing – how your bugs change your gene expression!
  • Your gut and your skin.
  • What food to eliminate now!
  • What chemicals you need to avoid.
  • Is ‘natural’ always best?
  • Stress and skin link.
  • Controlling the controllable.
  • Seal the skin.
  • Should we be scrubbing and exfoliating?
  • Eliminate eczema, rosacea, and acne with probiotics.
  • Sun as a nutrient for the skin.
  • UVA vs UVB
  • Natural SPF in food (kinda!)
  • Nadines’s wisdom for the world!

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