Show Notes

This is beyond doubt the most powerful interview I have done to date. Angela has experienced what many would consider the most tragic thing that could happen to a parent and that is losing her son Will at the age of 104 days old. As you can imagine it was a very sad situation and it was hard for Angela to find happiness at times. However Angela took action and having a background in physiology gained some tools and techniques that very few have attained or understood.

In this episode we discuss how Angela got through this time and we explore what tools and techniques she uses and recommends as well as the why behind the application. If you want to gain more happiness in your life then this is a must listen episode as there are many very usable tools and techniques that you can apply now.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Getting to know Angela
  • Evolution of Angela as a holistic wellness practitioner
  • Angelas experience from a really unhappy place
  • Where there is life, there is hope
  • 104 days of happiness practice
  • ‘The Will to Liv’
  • Unique tools pulled from this dark place
  • Mind tools
  • Morning rituals – setting up the day
  • Deep joy vs fizzy highs
  • The happiness pursuit trap
  • Habits of the happiest people
  • #1 habit
  • So many controllable factors to give us power over our happiness
  • The enemies to happiness
  • Perception is key
  • Pulling yourself out of the downward spiral
  • Practicing laughter
  • Raising happy children
  • The power of play
  • The power of epigenetics (and hugs!)
  • How to stimulate the happiness hormones
  • Happiness in men vs women
  • Why men need to talk more
  • Angelas one thing that you can apply right now to make you a happier you.

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Stay tuned for her book – Will To Live

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