Show Notes

“Plant the bunion seed, put fertiliser on it and then blame your parents, no way!”
 – Paul Thompson (The Barefoot Podiatrist)

In this episode I chat with The Barefoot Podiatrist Paul Thompson on the importance of having functional feet. We talk about what the foot is, its primary roles, how we can assess our own feet and how we can go about attaining ideal foot function. We also have some really interesting discussions around bunions, shoes, orthotics and whole body movement.

As you can see from the quote above this is a really fun chat with lots of useful information! Paul talks us through exercises in which we can do to both assess and address foot function and dysfunction.

Episode breakdown:

  • Paul’s story – how he became the barefoot podiatrist
  • Paul’s foot evolution
  • Re – training your body
  • What is the role of the human foot
  • Why your feet are important
  • What does good foot function look like?
  • Why shoes are like blindfolds for our feet
  • Why and how going barefoot will make you happier and less inflamed
  • Improve your feet, improve your posture
  • Why a heel raise activates our stress response!
  • Recognising a dysfunctional foot in yourself
  • Testing your feet – practical test that you can do now!
  • Looking at everything else outside of the foot!
  • Bunion discussion! Its not a growth, its not genes its a symptom.
  • Listener questions
  • A discussion around orthotics
  • The shoe hierarchy – from best to worst
  • Graded introduction into barefoot exercise
  • Exercises!!
  • What to expect on the barefoot journey
  • What one thing can YOU do now what would that be?

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