Show Notes

What does it mean to be a healthy man in today’s world? In this episode with Ben Warren we discuss what a healthy man looks and feels like, what the common risks and diseases are as well as the reasons for their development. Perhaps more importantly, we explore how men can look beyond disease-free and really thrive as a man in today’s environment. We cover Bens top foods for men, what to avoid and we also discuss in detail what an ideal day would look like!

Show Notes:

  • (re) Introducing Ben
  • Why men’s health isn’t as talked about as women’s health
  • Why men are like a Toyota Hilux
  • What are the big hitters for men?
  • What shows up for men in the testing?
  • What is the ideal in blood testing vs ‘normal range’
  • What is the first step for men to become healthy?
  • What happens when men are stressed
  • Changing your relationship with stress
  • Sleep – the foundation
  • HRV as a tool to measure stress
  • Bens interesting Uber driver encounter!
  • When is technology beneficial and when is it just too much?
  • Men’s mental health
  • A human being with unmet needs
  • Nutrition and mental health
  • Client case study
  • When there is a cause for supplementation
  • Common vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Inflammation
  • Where genes express themselves
  • Where exercise comes into the fold
  • Exercise and liver function
  • Why we need to take belly fat seriously!
  • Time-restricted eating and intermittant fasting benefits
  • How time-restricted eating looks and works best
  • Why you want to build muscle!
  • Stretch the metabolism
  • Antiaging pathways
  • How a perfect day will look
  • Benefits of hot/cold exposure
  • Brown-fat cells and why you want to up-regulating them
  • How to live in the modern world and manage the foundations
  • Bens top man-foods!
  • Sourcing quality foods
  • The study that was ended early because the results were that powerful!
  • Improving gene expression through nutrition
  • Why road rage is a thing! Eat greens with meat!
  • Bens top avoid list!
  • Why we need to consider how and why we drink
  • Conscious decision making
  • Coffee – is it good?
  • Steps to creating a healthier man
  • Disease-free vs optimal health
  • Parting words of wisdom

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