Show Notes

I am introducing my new monthly co-host Bart De Vries and we are introducing a short, fun new chat on BestMe Radio called ‘Nice Nuggets’ where we will be exploring one wellness subject and sharing nuggets of information based on the selected subject. We will draw on previous interviews, new audio bites from leaders in that field, current research and common sense! In an attempt to cut through the misconceptions, draw out what we actually know and explore how we may implement this in our daily lives. All in 20-30 minutes (what a challenge!).

On this note, we want your input! Please listen to find out about this new format, why and how we want your input as well as our thoughts on some big wellness subjects.

Please let us know what subjects you would like us to talk on through facebookinstagram or through the website. I will be doing weekly polls on Bestme Instagram story so please have your say!

In the next episode I will be interviewing Bart on ‘Creating a Healthy Workspace’ as well as exploring his fascinating life so you will get to know him a lot better. Bart has extensive experience as a high level athlete, a chef, a physiotherapist, entrepreneur and environmental activist. He really is a great guy, doing great things and I think you will enjoy his wisdom, wit and weirdness!

Please enjoy this short fun chat and keep stepping into your best self!