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BMR 4: Are Humans Really Living Longer? Dr Bobby Cheema

Episode 4
19, Jun, 2017
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Show Notes

We are told that we are living longer and are healthier than ever before in human existence, but when we look a little closer we realise this simply isn’t true. We are sick, unhappy and some predict that our children will not live as long as us for the first time in history!

Dr. Bobby Cheema is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Western Sydney University and an Associate Researcher at the National Institute of Complementary Medicine. He has 25 years of experience in exercise physiology and prescription, and is internationally recognized for the quality of his work and his multiple published studies. He is a husband, father, keen surfer and true teacher.

In this episode we dive into longevity studies, explore what we can learn from our ancestors and how we can apply this to the current landscape. Backing this up with current research in physiology, biological anthropology, genetic studies and more.

  • Bobby’s story – his life changing road trip that sparked his passion.
  • The world is divided.
  • What is intelligence and true learning?
  • Where are we going right and where are we going wrong today?
  • How are we meant to live as humans?
  • The physical activity our Palaeolithic ancestors.
  • How to prescribe accurately.
  • Exercise vs movement
  • ‘Longevity propaganda’ vs the real stats
  • Take home messages from these long living cultures
  • Identified centurions and ‘Blue Zones’
  • Losing ‘human-ness’ through advancement.
  • ‘Earth to table’ – is hunting cruel?
  • Bobby’s 3 layered exercise pyramid.
  • How to make movement stick for life.
  • Why its good to fail.
  • Children are the best teachers – just getting out of the way!
  • Bobby’s thoughts on meditation and mindfulness.
  • The Big Question – Bobby’s Global message.

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