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BMR 35: Optimising Your Environment With Bart De Vries

Episode 35
21, Oct, 2019
}62 Minutes

Show Notes

Did you know that the way you set up your environment will directly impact on your decision making? This is something we discuss in this weeks interview with Bart De Vries. We explore workplace set up, how to align values and passion to get what you want in life all the way through to ethical business practice and why your business may want to consider it.

Show Notes:

  • Introducing Bart
  • Barts barriers that led him to do what he does now
  • The learnings from sport that carries over into other areas
  • New age physiotherapy and Barts clinical evolution
  • Change your diet to change your movement
  • Culture building in cafe environments
  • Benefits of global movement
  • Addressing the person as an individual
  • The importance of trust in treatment
  • Optimisation of the athlete
  • How your workplace set up can make you less intelligent!
  • Aligning values and passions to create a better future
  • More desk work = pain and inflammation
  • What prompted the shift out pf physiotherapy?
  • More desk work = pain and poor health
  • Is a standing desk enough?
  • Errectorcise!
  • Limber – maximising movement
  • Why aligning your business values with your personal values is key to wellness
  • Ethical business and why its important
  • Purpose and values
  • Why your company wants to become more ethical
  • How to go about becoming an ethical company
  • 2025 = Gen Z = change is coming!
  • Thinking beyond your own personal timeline
  • The infinite game!
  • Creating wellness at your workspace
  • Desk hacks
  • Barts message for the world

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