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BMR 29: A Roadmap To Resilience with Mal Winnie

Episode 29
28, Mar, 2019
}78 Minutes

Show Notes

Mal Winnie is a living representation of resilience. A catastrophic event left Mal dying under tonnes of concrete, his lung punctured, spine fractured in 5 places, leaving his body numb from the waist down and as he went through the death process and took his last breath a miracle occurred..

In this episode I talk with Leadership Coach and former Outdoor Adventure Guide Mal Winnie about resilience. We explore what tools he picked to from the outdoors and some traumatic events in his life including a near death experience.  We explore the 4 different types of resilience and how we may assess these in our own lives and what we can do to make ourselves a more resilient being.

Episode breakdown:

  • Introducing Mal
  • Mal’s near death experience
  • Big learnings from near death
  • Finding reasons why vs reasons why not
  • Hardwired for negativity bias
  • What made Mal more resilient
  • Our relationship with failure
  • Seeking out adversity
  • Have we created too much safety
  • Defining resilience
  • What Mal learned from mountaineering – 3 steps forward 1 step back
  • The 4 types of resilience
  • 1. Physical Resilience
  • 2. Mental Resilience
  • 3. Emotional Resilience
  • 4. Social Resilience
  • 5. Spiritual Resilience
  • The 2 most important days in your life
  • Resilience emphasis and overlaps
  • Finding voluntary challenge
  • How we can learn through adversity and challenging moments
  • The power of reflection
  • “Why does this always happen to me?”
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Overlaps and carry over effects of certain resilience practices
  • Resilience and distress in the workplace
  • Resilience in high performance sport
  • The difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’
  • Creating resilient children
  • The danger of staying within the comfort zone
  • Fostering a good relationship with failure
  • Post traumatic growth
  • Overcoming the negativity bias
  • Creating better internal dialogue with yourself
  • Effective bullying outcome and process
  • Learning to be optimistic
  • Common traits of resilient people
  • Protective factors
  • Correlation between resilience and workplace success
  • Correlation between resilience and longevity
  • Applicable tools and techniques
  • Self awareness
  • How do you do stress?
  • The bus that drives everything: Autonomic Nervous System
  • The power of breathing
  • Overriding negativity bias
  • Helping performance in the workplace – catch them doing it right
  • Gratitude
  • The danger of self comparison
  • The grass is always greener where you choose to water it
  • Mal one piece of advice to help someone start the journey to a more resilient self

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