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BMR 22: Stress – A Modern Epidemic with Ben Warren

Episode 22
29, Oct, 2018
}50 Minutes

Show Notes

Stress has been linked to many conditions and diseases including heart disease, diabetes and even cancers. But what is stress exactly? And how can we minimise or cope with it?

In this episode I talk with, nutritionist, speaker, wellness expert and owner of BePure – Ben Warren. We discuss what stress is, how we can test and recognise it in our own lives as well as some really useful tools and strategies to help us manage it. We also go into everything that surrounds stress – food, inflammation, autoimmunity, gut health, resilience and adrenal fatigue.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Ben’s story – how a back injury was caused by dairy!
  • Bens definition of stress
  • Navigating the stimulating environment
  • Tools to help us cope
  • Tools to help us cope
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Accurate testing – the testing spectrum
  • How serious is chronic stress and adrenal fatigue
  • Autoimmunity
  • Some examples of reversal and symptom alleviation
  • Stress perception – your relationship with stress
  • How nutrition can increase mental resilience
  • Wild food consumption
  • Getting out of the downward spiral – where to start
  • Assessing causal factors
  • Male and female differences
  • Easy wins for men
  • Easy wins for women
  • Gut health link
  • Bens final message to everyone

More on Ben Warren here
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