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BMR 20: The Training Mismatch – With Kyle Riley

Episode 20
01, Oct, 2018
}49 Minutes

Show Notes

Have you ever followed and exercise regime that  ‘guarantees’ fat loss and it hasn’t yielded the results indicated, either it hasn’t worked at all or you’ve even gone backward?! Leaving you feeling like a failure or looking for more extreme training regimes or lifestyle choices. Well, perhaps you have a ‘genetic mismatch’ where you are not training in line with your genes. Science shows that when you mismatch your training to your genes there is an 85% non-response rate – meaning that you get no results or even go backwards!

In this episode I talk with personalised wellness expert Kyle Riley about individualised conditioning, how you can align your training with your genetic type and also by following this process can carry over into other domains. For example how some people may drop body fat by lifting heavy weight and long slow walks versus the classic HIIT approach. Others may get the same great results by just tweaking the timing of their training. We also discuss all of the other factors outside of training that may impact on these results.

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