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Upgrade Your Working Memory – Dr. Tracy Alloway

Episode 13
23, Oct, 2017
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Show Notes

What do blueberries, barefoot movement, gratitude and social media have in common? They can all be beneficial for working memory!

In this episode I chat with researcher, psychologist (PhD), author and international speaker about working memory, what it is, why its more important than IQ and how to upregulate your memory through food, movement and lifestyle. You may also be a little scared when you find out what can inhibit working memory too!

Show breakdown:
• Tracy’s story – Josh, the autistic boy who changed her life.
• What is working memory?
• Why is it so important?
• What effects working memory.
• Food that benefit working memory.
• When is the bet time to learn?
• Why you want to run barefoot and climb a tree.
• Intermittent fasting’s effect on memory and head trauma.
• Stress – the good, the bad and the perception.
• Working memory and depression.
• What destroys working memory (the recommendations may shock you).
• Why gratitude is king.
• What your night time routine should be.
• Why working memory trumps IQ.
• Tracy’s unique take on social media (her TED talk).
• Spotlight brain vs floodlight brain.
• Why free play is the best thing you can do for your kids (including big kids)!
• Tracy’s top tool memory tools (the answer makes me very happy!).
• Listeners questions – pregnancy, diagnosis, behaviour, retrieval, essential oil & trauma.
• Tracy’s wisdom for the world!

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