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BMR 1: We Have Multiple Brains – Grant Soosalu

Episode 1
08, May, 2017
}64 Minutes

Show Notes

Ancient philosophy within many cultures believe that we have multiple brains or centres of intelligence – for example the chakra system. Now, modern neuroscience backs this up and we now know that this is the case – for example most of us have heard the gut being referred to as our second brain. Today I discuss these multiple brains with the best selling author of ‘mBRAINING (Using your Multiple Brains to do cool stuff) Grant Soosalu. Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • What defines a brain?
  • What brains do we know we have? Focus on Head, Heart and gut.
  • How do they act independently and what happens when we synchronise them?
  • The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and the Vagus Nerve – the key perhaps.
  • How to balance the ANS and align the 3 brains.
  • The secret is breath.
  • How to harness the power of the 3 brains.
  • How to make smart decisions – (this has helped me tremendously)
  • The big question – If you could inject the entire planet with one idea or piece of knowledge what would it be?

To find out more about Grant:
His Blog:
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