Show Notes

Have you wondered how great you can actually be and how your perfect life may look? but just seem to keep getting caught on the hamster wheel of life and never seem to get there? Do you keep running into barriers, feel unlucky or just plain lazy? Well guess what, perhaps those barriers are actually opportunities and perhaps you’re not actually lazy at all but need to change your physiology!

International presenter, writer and behavior change expert Robert (Bobby) Cappuccio talks us through his incredible inspiring story that has what most would consider a pretty tough start to life. Now he is one of THE most sort after presenters in the exercise industry and shares some of his knowledge, tools and techniques as to how he got to where he is now. This is riddled with many nuggets of usable information so have your pen and paper handy! Ps. He’s kinda funny too!

Show breakdown:

  • Bobby’s incredible story.
  • Barriers?
  • The boss that changed his life forever!
  • Being atrocious at many things.
  • ‘Coachability’.
  • Having dialogues with prominent authors.
  • Why hard work trumps ‘smartness’.
  • Internalise your leanings is key!
  • Failure is a prerequisite to success.
  • Internal dialogue – thoughts become stories.
  • Challenging that voice.
  • Self medicating?
  • Tools to break those harmful cycles.
  • 15 minutes of exercise will change your brain!
  • What sort of exercise is the best for impulse control?
  • You don’t need a kick up the ass or lack discipline!
  • The meaning of (your) life!
  • Bobby’s favourite movie scene!!
  • Learn from what upsets you the most
  • Bobby’s wisdom for the world!

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