Show Notes

In part 2 of the interview with Paul Chek we dive deep into spiritual wellness. Paul not only a holistic wellness practitioner but is also shamanic healer with huge experience in many forms of spiritual practice including over 400 shamanic plant medicine experiences. We build on the last interview and dive deep into the exploration of self, god, spirit, consciousness, ego, religion and much More! He describes the 4 common denominators of spiritual wellbeing. Then he gives us some practical applicable tips at the end of the episode with many tools and techniques as well as the one question we should all ask ourselves. So get ready to challenge yourself and evolve your spiritual wellbeing.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Defining consciousness
  • 400 shamanic experiences and many forms of spiritual practice
  • God = unconditional love = 0 = empty and full
  • Religion + Science
  • Exploring infinity and the absolute
  • Conscious – ness and conscious – of
  • Can AI replace consciousness
  • Sensory system, vibration and conscious – of
  • Defining the Ego 
  • How long it takes to develop the ego
  • Most critical programming stages
  • The greatest source of fear
  • The importance of love
  • The chief function of the ego
  • Love as consciousness becoming aware of itself
  • Donald Trump is a part of all of us
  • Over encapsulated ego = separation + isolation and depression
  • Over inflated ego = Over-esteemed self + impression of success and crisis of self
  • Spirituality vs religion 
  • Corporate religion – programming for profit
  • Cutting through the dogma
  • Ego inhalation – ‘soul loss’
  • Becoming an individuated whole person
  • Sprit gym – meeting emotional and mental resistance
  • Going beyond the book
  • Mystic branches of religions
  • Real spirituality
  • Defining spirituality 
  • Defining enlightenment 
  • Defining spiritual wellbeing 
  • Stress, pain and judgment manifestation
  • Grace and faith
  • What we can do now to develop our spiritual wellbeing
  • Sick body = sick mind
  • What do you love enough to grow and heal for?
  • 4 common denominators of spiritual wellbeing
  • 1: Turn a negative into a positive
  • 2: Create beyond the laws of physics
  • 3: Create equanimity and harmony wherever they go
  • 4: Draw their power from unconditional love
  • Tools to help grow
  • Behind every angry person is someone that needs more love
  • Love is a boomerang
  • The one question that will help you grow spiritually
  • Spirit gym and earth school
  • Quickfire questions:
  • One person that inspires Paul
  • One book thats been most influential on Paul’s development
  • What is Paul working on currently to enhance spiritual development
  • Pauls message to people to help them step into their best self now


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Pauls awesome podcast – Living 4D

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