Show Notes

Paul Chek is always two steps ahead of the trend when it comes to the latest in the wellness world and a lot of what he was teaching 20+ years ago is now at the forefront of academic research, becoming increasingly ‘mainstream’. Paul is still two step ahead (at least!) and in this episode we really get to know Paul, what experiences have shaped and guided him and his incredible work that continually evolves. Then we move on to discuss what it is to be human – we explore how we may access different wavelengths and intelligences all the way to sphincter exercises to tap into archaic consciousness! This perfectly sets up part two in which we dive deep into ‘spiritual wellness’ and everything that surrounds this topic. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Episode breakdown:

  • Paul Chek’s evolution – From athlete to holistic health practitioner, inventor, artist and more.
  • Paul’s painful and traumatic experiences – including a household split, abuse, death in the family and several serious injuries.
  • How they shaped him and what he learned.
  • Why listening to his soul would have prevented a serious injury.
  • Defining the human Being.
  • An antenna system.
  • From feeling and matter to beings beyond ourselves.
  • Spiritual development > subtle energy perception.
  • Soul evolution.
  • A microcosm to macrocosm.
  • Changing the shape of the body will change the wavelengths!
  • Vibrational envelopes that surround our body.
  • Why and how we have the ability to connect with EVERYTHING!
  • In between the earthly realm and the subtle energy realm.
  • Why energy comes with information.
  • Why you want to re-visit infant development patterns.
  • Why sphincter exercises allow access to archaic consciousness.
  • Different postures that heal trauma.
  • Multiple brains in the human.
  • Gut brain (again!) and its integration.
  • ‘The Godfather of Functional Movement’.
  • How Paul combats criticism.

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Reference Links:
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