Show Notes

Do you want to be free? The ability to move will directly impact on your life aspirations whatever they may be. Enjoying the movement experience will bring a whole lot more to your life including freedom. Freedom to trust your body in any environment, freedom to express yourself and you will be free to take on life and be your best self. Play is an essential part of this and may have more benefits than all exercise modalities combined!

In this episode I talk with wellness educator, movement expert and all round good guy John Polley about play, happiness, freedom and of course movement. This is a powerful episode with many usable tools

Episode breakdown:

  • JPs journey to become a movement coach
  • Why play is important
  • When do we lose it?
  • How do we create a good relationship with movement?
  • Why you can still be childish in your movement!
  • Creating good movement triggers
  • How to do it in an office environment
  • Why you should take play seriously
  • Play vs Exercise
  • Why play can be whatever you want!
  • Play research
  • How to discover your joyful movement experience
  • How does John find fun?
  • Bum tag
  • Listener questions
  • Johns message to the listeners

For more on JP you can find him here: Be Free

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