Show Notes

Frank Forencich is the creator of Exuberant Animal, an author and an internationally-recognized expert on health and human performance. As an engaging speaker and movement teacher, he brings a unique, “long body” perspective to the human predicament and offers practical solutions for some of the most pressing problems of our age.

Frank has a strong educational background with a BA (Stanford University) in Human Biology and Neuroscience but he has real life experience and has spent time living with tribes in Africa to attempt to satisfy his thirst for knowledge on human origins.

  • Franks story and how movement changed his life.
  • What Frank learned from living with tribes in Africa.
  • Tribe and community.
  • Long Body perspective.
  • Short Body perspective – our current western view.
  • The education system – Embodied cognition.
  • Play – what happens when we lose this?
  • A revised holistic wellness model.
  • How do we start to live like our ancestors?
  • ‘Space-food”
  • Active – Activist.
  • Franks thoughts on mindfulness – ‘Athletic attention’.
  • The Big Question – Franks global message

Find Frank here:
Exuberant Animal:
Book: The Art is Long: Big Health and the New Warrior Activist

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