Show Notes

When we think of health we think of nutrition, exercise and the mind. But we have ignored potentially the most important and influential health factor – Light. More and more research is showing that disruption to our circadian rhythms (our inbuilt clocks) is catastrophic to our health and the biggest influencer on this is light. Our physiology is ancient and we are wired to run in synchronicity with the sunrise and sunset. However life is very different today so how do we navigate this space and bridge the gap? In this episode I talk with wellness expert Dave Liow of The Kaizen Institute of Health and we talk all things light with many practical tools and tips that you can apply now. This is a must listen if you want to optimise your health and after this you may want to change your light bulbs and put on a pair of blue blocking glasses (I did)!

Episode breakdown:

  • The evolution of Dave Liow and how it started with trigger pointing his dad (poor guy)!
  • Circadian rhythms – how we are designed to operate.
  • Sleep is more anabolic than steroids.
  • The evolution of light and our ancient system.
  • How light affects our rhythm.
  • Light bulbs changed the game.
  • Is it type of light, timing or intensity of light thats key?
  • Blue light 101.
  • Shift work = carcinogen.
  • The hormonal cycle and how light influences them.
  • The importance of melatonin.
  • Common blue light sources.
  • Are sunglasses a good idea?
  • LUX scale.
  • Ratios of light spectrums.
  • Sleep – are you sleeping enough and well?
  • How do we navigate the modern world and get the best results?
  • Dave’s top tips to optimise your light exposure.
  • Blue blocking apps and glasses.
  • How you can best set up your house.
  • Blue light damages your retina’s.
  • Can we supplement in light spectrums?
  • The one thing that will get your circadian rhythm back on track.
  • The one thing to avoid to maximise your sleep and rhythm.

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