Show Notes

In this episode, we explore gut health from three completely different perspectives to provide an in-depth coverage of the subject. We cover many subjects from neuroscience, microbiome, leaky gut, nutrition, movement, interaction with animals and the environment all the way to stress and having good relationships! The three guests are:

  1. Carl talks with nutritionist/naturopath Helen Padarin about why you want to take gut health seriously, what are the common problems seen in clinic and also what we can do to maximize out gut health.
  2. Carl talks with journalist and documentarian Kale Brock about his best selling documentary ‘The Gut Movie’ and his journey to Africa in search for the perfect microbiome and what we can learn from some of the worlds healthiest people.
  3. Carl talks with gut-neuroscientist Dr Diego Bohorquez about gut neuroscience and the intelligence of the gut as well as where the science world is going in terms of gut-health research.

This really is a fun(ny), informative and practical interview that will leave you and your gut enlightened!

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