Show Notes

Do you ever ask yourself “Why does this happen to me?!” or tell yourself “I’m so unlucky” and then use this internal dialogue to justify why you aren’t getting what you want in life?

In this episode, I talk to my good friend, work colleague and co-founder of HealthFit Collective Greig Rightford about his journey. It starts growing up in South Africa in a high discipline environment right the way through to running an Ultra Endurance marathon through the Sahara Desert weeks after breaking his neck! After listening to this you realise that success isn’t luck and that there are certain rules that you must follow if you want to achieve optimal health and happiness in your life.

Show breakdown:

  • Greig’s story – Growing up in S.A, home discipline & his fitness journey.
  • Competitive boxing and what Greig learned from getting TKO’d in his first fight.
  • Competition conditioning.
  • Broken neck a barrier or an opportunity?
  • An ultra marathon through the Sahara Desert with only weeks of preparation.
  • What effects that had on Greig – physically, mentally & emotionally.
  • Should we push through physical barriers like Greig?
  • Training smarter not harder.
  • How did these experiences translate to other aspects of life?
  • Controlling the controllables.
  • When to push hard and when to back off?
  • What should we absolutely do and not do to get what we want.
  • Listeners questions.
  • Greig’s wisdom for the world!

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