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AQJ 84: Ferment For Good – Bubbling Away with Sharon Flynn

Episode 84
17, Nov, 2017
}98 Minutes

Show Notes

• The interview with Sharon Flynn begins at: 28 minutes ~ 2 seconds

Patience is a lost virtue, and fermentation is the art of patience. In a world of instant gratification, what can we learn from the slow art of fermentation? Today we speak to Sharon Flynn, founder of the beautiful Melbourne-based business, The Fermentary, and we delve into her beautiful cookbook, Ferment For Good, ancient foods for the modern gut. Sharon shares her life experience and wisdom on fermentation, putting into perspective the joy and benefit that is available to us by simply putting some vegetables in a jar and waiting for them to go sour. A great, heart-warming podcast for those of you who are in need of a gentle hug!

The Fermentary details and online shop: www.thefermentary.com.au

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