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AQJ 77: Holistic Dentistry

Episode 77
01, Sep, 2017
}96 Minutes

Show Notes

In today’s podcast, we interview holistic dentists Louis and Susan Chan. Based in Sydney, Louis and Susan differ from mainstream dentists by looking at the body as a whole, the relationship between the mouth and the microbiome, physical issues that lead to developmental delays, and by integrating their practice with other health practioners such as chiropractors and ENTs. They also have a deep interest in chronic pain and sleep issues, which they treat in their practice. This is a great podcast with lots of new information and fresh perspectives.

Useful links:

Louis & Susan Chan, My Dental Care: http://www.mydentalcare.net.au/

TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre: http://www.tmjsleepcentre.net.au/

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