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AQJ 53: Pyroluria with Jules Galloway ND

17, Jun, 2016
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What is Pyroluria? with Jules Galloway ND

A couple of months ago, Jo and her kids were tested for Pyroluria (Pyrolles Disorder), and found their levels were quite high. Pyroluria (pyrrole disorder, kryptopyrrole, kryptopyrroluria, pyrroluria, mauve factor or hemepyrrole) is a common metabolic condition that occurs when pyrrol, a key component of haemoglobin, is overproduced by the liver. It is a contributing factor to anxiety, stress and gut issues.

Jo began asking naturopaths, doctors and friends for their thoughts on Pyroluria, and what can be done to help lower the levels of pyrroles in the bloodstream. In this episode, Jo and Fouad talk to naturopath Jules Galloway about Jules’ experience with Pyroluria, and what she has found helpful.

Jules Galloway is a qualified naturopath, healthy foodie, wellness blogger and podcaster, who specializes in gluten, dairy and cane sugar free living, and runs an online wellness program called Shiny Healthy You – Fatigued to Fabulous in 12 Weeks. Check out Jules’ podcast, Shiny Healthy You, on The Wellness Couch, and visit her website Jules Galloway for lots of fabulous recipes and health tips.

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