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AQJ 34 : Nicole Azzopardi – Healing the Gut with Traditional Foods

18, Sep, 2015
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Show Notes

Nicole Azzopardi is the author of ‘The Alchemy Cookbook’, where she shares simple, delicious, traditional recipes that fit so beautifully into the GAPS way of eating. In this episode, Jo and Nicole discuss the importance of bringing traditional foods back into everyday eating.

Nicole also shares the story of her family’s healing journey, starting with a low salicylate, additive free diet to help her daughter with severe food allergies, sleep issues, and autism symptoms. Her health improved, but Nicole asked herself, ‘Once you work out what foods are bothering you, are you stuck with avoiding those foods for the rest of your life?’ After much research, Nicole decided the answer was no!

Knowing that you’re reacting to different foods just highlights that there’s some work to be done with your digestion, and Nicole believes the GAPS diet can totally heal your gut so that you can bring many, if not all, of the problem foods back in over time.

The changes in Nicole’s family have been amazing, and as a busy mum, Nicole shares that it was much easier to work on changing the way they ate than to continue on dealing with the overwhelming allergies and health issues. Although it takes time and effort to change cooking and eating habits, it’s so worth it in the long run.

Nicole shares her recipes and tips online at Mumma Care, and can also be found on Facebook. She is passionate about helping mothers look after themselves so that they can better care for their families, and loves to help other mums get on track with healthy eating.


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