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AQJ 31 : Should GAPS or Paleo be a lifetime diet?

28, Aug, 2015
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Show Notes

In this episode, Jo is joined by her foodie friend, Fouab Kassab, and they discuss how Jo’s family has benefitted so far from the GAPS diet, as well as Fouad’s experience with the Paleo diet. They share the many positive changes in their health through these healing diets, then approach the question, ‘What next?’

Should GAPS or the Paleo diet be something you stick to for the rest of your life? How long do you continue to eat this way before beginning to add some restricted foods back in? What would you add back, and when? What happens if you react to something you add back in? If you do begin reacting to foods, do you have to begin right back at the beginning again?

Fouad began the Paleo diet in 2011, and it changed his health dramatically. He now eats what he describes as a ‘high nutrition, low toxicity’ diet, which is close to Paleo but he prefers not to ‘label’ the way he eats. He’s much more flexible with the foods he eats now that his body has healed. He explains why he feels that you can’t expect a certain way of eating to always be exactly what your body needs, and how we have to stay aware of our body’s needs and change our diet to suit, as time goes on.

Fouad will be regular on “A Quirky Journey” now that he’s closed his pop up restaurant, Baraka. He has a great interest in the science behind healthy eating, and is a talented cook, writer and speaker. You can connect with Fouad on his blog, The Food Blog, and also on his Facebook page, Baraka.

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