Show Notes

• The interview with Helen Marshall begins at: 35 minutes ~ 47 seconds

In today’s episode, fellow podcaster Helen Marshall shares her story of how conventional health advice made her sick, and how following a gluten-free, primal diet brought her back from deteriorating mental and physical health. Not only did Helen start spreading the word on healthy cooking, she started spreading baked goods too! Helen is the founder of Primal Alternative, a delicious range of primal foods to help people transition from and settle into a gluten-free wholefood diet. She is also leading a new model of franchising that is collaborative and people-centric, perfect for those of you who want to work from home while looking after the kids. If you’ve thought about turning your home kitchen into a home business, you’re going to love this podcast!

You can find Helen and the Primal Alternative website here:
You can listen to Helen’s podcast here:

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