Show Notes

Fouad is back from his trip overseas to Singapore and Lebanon and he and Jo have a good catch up, discussing everything from Fouad’s food experiences overseas, the struggle to eat organic whole foods when living in a city, food security, and the rise of diabetes in Singapore… to Jo’s recent experiences at the Gluten Free Expo in Melbourne and her thoughts on the difference between eating a ‘free from’ diet and a ‘healing, whole food’ diet.

They then move on to the main subject of the podcast, where they discuss the fascinating topic of low dose naltrexone (LDN) – a medication being used effectively to treat a large variety of chronic illnesses around the world. Very few people have heard of this potentially life-saving drug. Jo and Fouad interview Linda Elsegood, the founder of the LDN research trust, who shares her incredible journey of recovering from paralysing Multiple Sclerosis to becoming the most vocal advocate for LDN education. Linda is also the author of The LDN Book. This is an eye-opening podcast for anyone struggling with autoimmune issues or chronic illness.