Show Notes

“What the Health” is a new documentary on Netflix that shows the horrors of the industrial food system, and the influence of money on food policy; but it also claims that eating an egg a day is as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes, chicken causes cancer, and fat causes diabetes…

In today’s show, we separate fact from fiction, and also discuss a practice that is as old as time: fasting. Fouad goes on a one meal a day experiment and tells us about his experience!

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Useful Links:

What Fasting Does for the Brain (TedX talk, youtube)

“What the Health” Review: checking out the ‘evidence’ (article with studies linked)

The Vegetarian Myth (article by Lierre Kieth, vegan for 20 years)

The Hidden Cost of Veganism – (podcast interview with Daniel Vitalis and Lierre Keith)

Vegetarianism Explained (book by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride)

Weston A. Price website – traditional foods and farming