Show Notes

On Today’s show, all the way from Seattle, we have with us nutritional therapy practitioner Lauren Geertsen from  At Empowered Sustenance, Lauren shares beautiful GAPS recipes and holistic health tips and ideas to empower readers on their health journey. She believes vibrant health is everyone’s greatest potential, and her mission is to share the simple steps that freed her life of chronic pain and medications. Lauren is the author of Quit Acne and Quit PMS.

Jo has enjoyed Lauren’s delicious recipes over the last few years, and was interested to hear that the GAPS diet was the first step in Lauren’s healing journey. During our talk, we cover how Lauren got over her auto-immune condition, avoided a life-long relationship with a colostomy bag, and the mindset needed for healing. Lauren also shares a deeply powerful framework to understand the healing journey. Her framework is modelled on the work of one of Fouad’s favourite mavericks, Joseph Campbell, and his concept of the “Hero’s Journey”, so there was a lot of excitement during this talk!

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